Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Alison's possible pregnancy + who is the baby daddy?

LIKE WHOAH GUYS. Did anyone see that one coming? At first we were worried about Aria being preggo for a hot minute, but now we're looking at the queen bee herself! 

 Photo from ABC Family

To recap, Alison wasn't visiting her grandmother as she told the girls she was. She was in Cape May with Cece. While she was there, she was hooking up with someone we only know as "beach hottie." And soon, Alison discovers her period is two weeks late. Terrified, she goes to CeCe for help, afraid for her life. Who ever the father is, he obviously does not want a baby. And if Alison herself is in tears, afraid for her life, this guy probably means business. 
Of course, there's possibility that she's not. It wasn't confirmed. But what we also know is that Wilden was in Cape May at the same time Alison was. So could he be the father?

Photo from ABC Family

We know that Wilden is a sketch character ever since we found out that Hanna's mom was sleeping with him to keep her out of trouble. He's always sneaking around, and generally being a really shady character. He's supposed to be on the Liar's side, so why do I keep getting vibes that he's not so good after all? I think it's a definite possibility that he could've been the father. And that's why he's so determined to figure out what happened to Alison, or cover up what was done. 

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  1. you can't forget that page 5 of ali's autopsy was stolen. Could that have been the page that confirmed her pregnancy? If it was why would Jenna steal it?